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Geotechnical Design

Geotechnical Design

Providing clients with ready access to experienced independent geotechnical design. Using up to date design methods, including advanced finite element modelling capability. Tempered with many years of experience we can balance innovation and practicality within the demands of any given project.

Site Appraisal & Risk Assessment

Site Appraisal & Risk Assessment

The ground is often the greatest risk to construction projects. At Remedy Geotechnics we will help you quickly assess your site to formulate an effective geotechnical strategy to maximize your geotechnical opportunity and minimize the risks.

Troubleshooting & Expert Witness

Troubleshooting & Expert Witness

There are the occasions when the ground presents unforeseen surprises. These must be dealt with quickly to minimize project delay and unplanned cost.​ Early trouble shooting nips these problems in the bud preventing escalation into costly time delay.​


We provide a responsive pile design service, extending across the full range of commonly available pile types (including bored, CFA, driven, and micro piling) and applications commonly encountered on all types of construction project.


Embedded Retaining Walls
Using routine design methods or advanced finite element modelling we can develop economic solutions for the full range of embedded retaining wall projects.


Ground Improvement
Ground improvement offers opportunity to lever significant foundation savings where these techniques can be used as an alternative to piling.


Slope Stabilisation
Effective slope stabilisation strategies require sound site appraisal skills and experience of what techniques can be deployed in often challenging situations.


Basement Design Assessment
When you can’t build upwards or outwards the only way is down! We have the expertise and experience to think creatively to develop economical, practical basement solutions. We can also undertake ground movement assessments to assess the impact of a development on the area surrounding your development.


Basement Ground Movement
When constructing a deep excavation an assessment of ground movements and impact on nearby structures is often required, as illustrated in this Case Study for an 11m deep basement in London.


Advanced Geotechnical Design
For complex or sensitive structures advanced soil-structure interaction analysis can bring considerable project savings and reduce risk. This Case Study illustrates some of the applications that can be considered.


Sheet Piles
Sheet piling (and King Post walls) are universally used in the construction industry both on-shore and near-shore as illustrated by this Case Study.


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Remedy Geotechnics is a specialist geotechnical design consultancy providing experienced, practical, cost effective advice on all aspects foundation construction work. At Remedy Geotechnics  we understand that you want to get your project out of the ground as quickly,

economically and as safely as possible. With over 20 years of geotechnical experience in contracting, consulting and research we offer geotechnical advice that is pragmatic, timely and efficient.​ We provide clients with ready access to a proactive, independent, geotechnical design service, using up

to date design methods tempered with real world experience. We pride ourselves in developing winning solutions and our specialties include deep excavations & retaining walls, piling & pile group design, ground improvement and more! Leave the ground to us.


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